A water utility company has apologised for a burst pipe on a road in High Wycombe that created a “20-foot geyser”, which one resident claimed caused houses to ‘vibrate’.

Thames Water said it is “sorry” after a damaged section of pipe under the Rowan Avenue junction with Totteridge Road ruptured, causing a “fountain” of water to shoot metres into the air.

Fire crews were called to the scene on Monday night, with High Wycombe firefighters setting up a cordon.

Bucks Free Press:

PICTURED: The Rowan Avenue junction with Totteridge Road.

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Eyewitnesses claimed the jet of water reached ‘rooftop level’ and ‘shook’ neighbouring homes.

It is understood Thames Water is conducting works at the Rowan Avenue junction with Totteridge Road, between July 13-19.

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Bucks Council is also conducting works on Rowan Avenue, between July 12-23, according to one.network.

Thames Water promised to “repair and clean up” the street, after there was runoff down Totteridge Road.

“It’s good to see the road resurfacing going well,” one resident said at the time. “Not only were the houses vibrating but the water main was fractured.

“It’s getting worse by the hour. The blocked drains means it’s traveling over half a mile.

[The fountain is] now reaching rooftop height.”

Cllr Julia Wassell said: “The fountain was certainly spectacular. I had several messages alerting me of a 20-foot geyser in Rowan Avenue.

“I look forward to all works being completed to residents’ satisfaction.”

A Thames Water spokesman said: “We’re sorry to anyone affected by a burst pipe…on Totteridge Road, which caused water to run down the hill.

“Our engineers were quickly on the scene to stop the burst and repaired the damaged section of pipe. We will now be working at the site to repair and clean up the road.”

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