A Bucks man who was accused of raping a woman in her twenties has been found not guilty by a jury.

The trial of 28-year-old Gurpreet Singh concluded at the end of last week when the jury at Aylesbury Crown Court, having heard evidence since Tuesday, delivered a not guilty verdict.

Mr Singh, of Missenden Gardens in Burnham, was accused of raping a woman in Amersham on February 25, 2018. Mr Singh had always maintained that the sex was consensual.

On Thursday, before the jury was sent out to consider their verdict, the court heard evidence from Mr Singh.

He told the court that he was “shocked” when he heard about the allegation against him and that he lied about it when his mother asked him about it because he was “embarrassed”.

During the trial, prosecutor Terence Woods questioned Mr Singh over why he denied having sex with his accuser to his mother.

When giving evidence, Mr Singh said: “The real reason why I lied is the embarrassment I felt to be speaking to my mother.

“Her being a female, I didn’t feel comfortable talking to her about sexual intercourse.”

The court heard from Mr Singh that after he heard about the allegation against him, he went to see his girlfriend, who he is still with today, to tell her what had happened.

He said: “After the allegation was made, I went to go to my girlfriend. I was quite stressed about the fact that she (his accuser) was trying to say something when something else had happened.

“We went to the gym, and in the spa area we had this conversation.”

When Mr Woods asked why Mr Singh would have consensual sex with his accuser when he was already in a happy relationship, Mr Singh replied: “In that moment, I would say I was aroused. I felt it was right at the time.”

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