A Tesco store in High Wycombe with a troublesome car park is finally getting a makeover.

The Tesco Express on London Road to the east of town has a small and narrow car park with a ‘no parking’ zone which regularly becomes full, forcing delivery lorries to become stuck and cars to back up along the A40.

Workers are now on site to install bollards, which will prevent drivers parking in the hashed ‘no parking’ area which is regularly clogged with customers’ vehicles.

The car park has long been a source of pain for people in the area, often getting jammed and forcing delivery lorries to wait on the road or perform tricky manoeuvres to get in or out.

The hashed areas – usually filled with cars - mean delivery lorries cannot turn round when full of cars, leading to jams on the A40.

This video shows the issues faced by Tesco delivery drivers:

Shopper Peter Grant, who lives just off the London Road, said: “That car park is a nightmare. At certain times of the day it’s impossible to get in or out and it causes queues on the main road.

“When they got planning permission I knew there’d be bottlenecks – it’s just not big enough, which means people just park wherever they can.

“I’ve seen lorries blocking traffic on the A40 several times, just trying to get in or out.”

The work, which started earlier this week, has also seen the car park resurfaced and new lines painted where they had previously worn away.

Tesco submitted plans for the Express store in 2012, when some neighbouring stores and residents complained they didn’t want the new Tesco on their street.

A Tesco spokesman said a new parking enforcement system has recently been introduced and has already helped reduce congestion in the car park.

They added: "We’re upgrading the car park at our Tesco Express on London Road in Wycombe to improve access for our customers and to help improve traffic flow outside the store.

"We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by the works.”

A new accessible parking bay has been added, as well as a new drainage system to prevent flooding at the entrance to the store.