The five most dangerous streets in Aylesbury have been revealed.

Statistics from Thames Valley Police show that 594 crimes were reported across Aylesbury and its outskirts in May – the most recent data available.

Looking at each offence and where it happened, we have broken down which of the town’s streets see the most crime and are worth avoiding.

5. Beckett Close - eight

Bucks Free Press:

A total of eight offences were reported in this cul-de-sac in May, including violence and sexual offences (six), ‘other’ theft (one) and ‘other’ crime.

Offences recorded as ‘other theft’ can include thefts by an employee, blackmail or making off without payment, while offences classed as ‘other crime’ can include forgery of perjury.

4. High Street – nine

Bucks Free Press:

A variety of offences were recorded in High Street, the most common being public order (three). Criminal damage and arson (two) was the only other crime to occur more than once.

Other reported offences were violence and sexual offences (one), theft from a person (one), anti-social behaviour (one) and burglary (one).

3. Turnpike End – ten

Bucks Free Press:

The second cul-de-sac on the list, the most common offence reported in Turnpike End was violence and sexual offences (six).

Other crimes registered include criminal damage and arson (one), other theft (one) other crime (one), and antisocial behaviour (one).

2. Griffin Lane – ten

Bucks Free Press:

With the joint-second most reported crimes, Griffin Lane also saw a lot of violence and sexual offences (seven).

Anti-social behaviour (one), burglary (one) and criminal damage and arson (one) were also recorded.

1. Recreational ground at Stoke Mandeville Stadium - 17

Bucks Free Press:

While it is not technically a street, the recreational area at Stoke Mandeville Stadium saw more reports of crime than any other part of Aylesbury in May.

Violence and sexual offences (seven) were the most prolific, closely followed by public order offences (six).

Other crimes reported were other theft (two), drugs (one) and robbery (one).

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