Thunderstorms are predicted to hit Buckinghamshire this afternoon, as the Met Office issues a yellow warning for the county. 

The weather service has put a yellow warning in place between 1pm and 11.59pm today (Tuesday), predicting that thunderstorms and flooding could impact travel and power supplies - causing power cuts, road closures and public transport delays. 

The Chilterns Weather Alerts team says there could be some "showery, thundery activity later this afternoon and into the evening". 

They said they are keeping an eye on the weather reports, but there is a "high chance" of thunderstorms building from around 3pm. 

But if you have been enjoying the hot sunny weather, fear not - it could be back tomorrow. 

The team said: "Tomorrow and Thursday is yet again beautiful with lots and lots of sunshine. A few patchy clouds may build during brunch afternoon but on the whole it looks sunny, dry and hot. Temperatures reaching 29° on Wednesday and 25° on Thursday.

"Another hot few days to come yet! Stay cool everyone."