A motorist has been caught speeding on a controversial stretch of road in Marlow twice in a single day.

Craig Webb, aged 28, was fined £692 and ordered to pay even more in court costs after he was caught on a mobile speed camera going too fast along Parkway in Marlow.

Webb, of Greville Avenue in Croydon, was caught driving at 53mph and 52mph on the 30mph road on November 1, 2020.

Parkway, which links the A404 with the Globe Industrial estate, has come under fire from motorists in the past who believed the speed limit was 60mph rather than 30mph.

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In September 2020, another driver who was caught speeding on the road called it a “cash scam”.

Concerns have also been raised by drivers and nearby residents in the past over a lack of speed limit signs on the road, making it difficult for drivers who do not know what the speed limit is.

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Addressing these complaints, a spokesperson from Marlow Town Council said: “According to the Road Traffic Regulation Act, any road which has streetlights placed less than 200 yards apart is classed as a 30mph speed zone, unless displayed otherwise.”

As well as having to pay £692 in fines, Webb, who appeared at Wycombe Magistrates’ Court on June 15, was also ordered to pay £240 costs, and his licence was endorsed with six penalty points for each offence.

After pleading guilty to the two charges, he avoided a driving ban after telling the court that he and his business would experience “exceptional hardship” if he was off the roads for a sustained period of time.

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