Monday, July 19 saw the removal of most legal restrictions in the UK, with the government providing guidance to help curb the spread of Covid-19.

But many people, including a GP from Bucks, have said they are going to delete the contentious NHS Test and Trace app, after users were repeatedly pinged and being told to self-isolate even if they tested negative for the virus, and already had both vaccines.

Dr Nighat Arif, from Chesham, told This Morning last week that she plans to delete the app because she is continually pinged and told to self-isolate.

Speaking on the show, Dr Arif said it “doesn’t surprise her” that people want to get rid of the app, which has been heavily criticised.

National reports suggest NHS statistics show that the app issued more than 350,000 alerts during the last week of June, which was reportedly 60 per cent up from the previous week.

This Morning host Ruth Langsford mentioned a survey which revealed that one in five UK residents were planning to delete the app come July 19.

So this week, we asked Bucks Free Press readers whether they still had the app on their phones.

The responses were mixed, with Alan Kinehan writing on the BFP’s Facebook page: “Without it there are too many ifs and maybes.

“It’s hard to ask the guys at work to categorically say if they have or have not been within two metres for 15 minutes of someone infectious.

“If we don't do it properly (now that the app is working better) we could end up with loads of people off on a ‘maybe’ and unable to fulfil our contractual responsibilities. We don't really have an option.

“As a note, I was tracked heavily while positive, two or three calls a day and my contacts pinged.”

But Mike Clark said: “Kinda lost faith in the app when I had Covid last year, inputted it in the app and was told to isolate, which I did.

“The issue is that the whole time my Mrs, who also had the app on her phone, didn't get pinged that she had been in contact with somebody with Covid.”

Paul Cannon wrote: “Never had it and never will. It’s been a monumental c**k up from the word go. It's not accurate and it gives out way too many false alerts.”

Sarah Hardy North commented: “I only had it for checking into places I've been, I turn it off when I'm at home, now everything is open, I’m not sure what the point of it is, it’s all a bit chaotic and ifs and buts.”

A number of readers said they “never had it and never will”, while Sylvia Greaves Small said the opposite, along with a number of others, adding: “Yes and I will be keeping it.”

Rafan Ahmed branded it “trace and waste”, while Julian Walters said: “Seems pointless now, plus it gives too many false warnings.”