Pieces of concrete rubble which appear to have fallen three storeys from the side of a High Wycombe car park onto the pavement remain on the ground days after they fell.

Bucks Council warned the public to avoid the car park on Monday afternoon immediately after the pieces of concrete – which are roughly fist-sized – fell from about three storeys up the side Easton Street car park.

The concrete pieces remain on the ground where they landed, just outside the pedestrian entrance and exit to the car park, and have been taped off to prevent the public from going near them and also to stop them from going underneath the spot where they appear to have fallen from.

Bucks Free Press: The rubble has been cordoned offThe rubble has been cordoned off

On Monday, Bucks Council said it was carrying out an “urgent inspection” of the damage and that it was “too soon” to say what the cause was.

No one was nearby when the rubble fell and no one was injured.

The car park is back open for public use, but the rubble on the ground has been cordoned off.

Writing on Twitter on Monday, Bucks council said: “At Easton Street car park in High Wycombe this morning, a small amount of concrete came away from the structure and fell to the pavement below. Fortunately no-one was in the vicinity and there has been minimal damage.

“We are on site carrying out an urgent inspection to ensure the building is safe and as a precaution have cordoned off a section of the walkway in the area.

“It’s too soon to say what caused this but we are urgently investigating and obviously, public safety is our key concern.”