1. A rally about to depart from Market Square, and probably taking place not long before the original Crown Hotel building was converted to retail use (Aldridges and Woolworths) in the 1930s.

The coaching arch entrance to the stables can be seen. On the top right of the picture is the sign of the Swan Café, in the premises that has seen so many occupants over the years, and recently vacated by the Halifax Building Society.

2. This one has an exact date – 1938 – and it is an M.G. rally starting from Quoiting Square, and possibly having connections with the Square’s Platts’ Garage who were M.G. dealers at this time.

There is an alternative view of the line of cottages that used to front the church, and which were also partly seen in last week’s column.

3. This is a later picture than the previous two, although the vehicles are from a similar era: it is a meeting of vintage car owners and enthusiasts.

Possibly a little out of the area that this page usually covers, but pictures of the former East Arms Hotel and Garage on the A4130 at Hurley are quite rare.

A housing development, East Arms Place, is on the hotel site now.

4. A “Motor Cavalcade” up the High Street was an important part of the celebrations for both the 1935 Jubilee and the 1937 Coronation, but impossible to decide from the decorations which one this was.

What can be seen, however, is that across the street and next to the long established Chalk’s Hardware is Freeman, Hardy & Willis Shoe Shop.

5. The garage yard adjoining the Red Lion in West Street housed several impressive vehicles, used for a taxi service or to hire and drive yourself.

6. The page’s oldest picture and the lovely vehicle is signwritten “Marlow Motor Works, High Street and West Street, Phone Marlow 69”.

Only partly visible behind the spare wheel is “C.DR…”. This was Charles Drye whose main business was in the building later taken over by Angus Wellicome’s Garage and now occupied by W.H.Smith.

I have to confess I am not sure of the exact location of a Drye premises in West Street: there is no listing in any of the early Directories that I have.

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