Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, July 31:


A joint project will be revised as you want to make this more creative, innovative and fun for everyone. People will look to you for leadership and it will be your imaginative approach to a team effort that will make it successful. At times you will be troubled with memories you would rather forget. What’s past is past and if a relationship you did have high hopes for is no more, you must accept this now.


The more versatile you are the more you will gain. You can expect to enjoy something very different to your usual off-duty pastimes. Something that sounds a bit random and obscure could actually be an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Time and money spent on renovating your kitchen or bathroom will pay off handsomely. Not only will this improve your surroundings but also the value of your property.


Your partner or a close friend is restless and is taking extra risks to make life interesting and exciting. This does not sit well with you. That’s why if they are hoping you will support their ideas, they could be in for a disappointment. Compliments will be flying as you get more deeply involved in a group event or fun endeavour. People are heaping praise and compliments on your head and this is bound to boost your confidence.


Contact with a friend or relative who lives abroad will give you a lot to think about. You may not be able to meet in person but you can be transported electronically to their part of the world. Being able to talk through technology allows you to check that everything in their life is okay. A colleague will talk you into helping with a project that takes up a lot of time and energy. Very quickly you will want to pull out of such dealings.


A young relative will act without considering the consequences. You aren’t happy with their behaviour and as it turns out they will admit to not liking the results either. Sometimes leaving other people to learn from their mistakes is the best thing you can do for them. Confirmation will be received from an official source that an application has been approved. Problems in the early stages of this transaction will be quickly resolved.


Someone close will upset you by going against your wishes. You had never expected them to behave this way. Since there is nothing you can do, concentrate on your other relationships. Refuse to allow this disappointment to interfere with your future. You’re tempted to splash out on a luxury item just because you can. Instead, focus on saving more than you can spend. Find a way to stretch your resources to finance a special dream.


A touchy mood hangs over a close relationship. You’re feeling restless and you want to do something different only you aren’t sure what. Talk to an adventurous friend and they will give you some good ideas. Health will benefit from getting outdoors and taking some gentle exercise. Visit the countryside. Take a stroll in the park. Fill your lungs with fresh air and enjoy getting out of the house. A change will be as good as a rest.


Someone is waiting for a decision from you. Make it a priority to decide on whether or not you want to go ahead with a joint venture. It isn’t being fair on others leaving them to wait for an answer. Pooling ideas could work to your benefit in a career situation. Take the chance to branch out in new directions. This will come your way through a change of job or relocation. After some delays you will start working steadily towards a special goal.


The kindness and consideration you are showing to others will be appreciated. Someone who is sensitive and who finds it hard to ask for help is grateful for your quiet support. Your partner’s playful antics will delight you. It isn’t hard to imagine staying together forever when life feels so good. Are you single? You could meet someone new through your job and your dilemma will then be: is it a good idea to mix business with pleasure?


A growing desire for something new will be too strong to ignore. Creative pastimes will bring you most pleasure. Friends are inspired by your imaginative suggestions. Your charisma and personal magnetism is high and others will respond to your personality in a positive way. The care and effort you are putting into your relationships will help cement existing friendships. Attending small get-togethers and gatherings will bring new acquaintances into your circle.


Work and other commitments are draining you. When you think about it you aren’t even enjoying your work. Sort out your priorities. Make time for your family and friends. They deserve more attention than you have been recently giving them. If you want to spend cash on a creative project but someone has opposing views, don’t fret. Fight any irritation this causes and talk things through. A compromise will be found. A common-sense approach will work well.


New ventures are exciting but this could interfere with other areas of your life. It will be impossible to fit everything in. You may have to pull out of some commitments even though you will do this reluctantly. At the same time, you can’t be in two places at once. Some deep thought will be needed to help you come to terms with recent family developments. If you aren’t keen on attending an official type function, let people know it as soon as possible.