HGV trips to an industrial estate are set to double – but there are fears for the safety of schoolchildren and residents’ health.

Wycombe Recycling has submitted to Bucks Council an application relating to its site on the Binders Industrial Estate, in Cryers Hill.

The application seeks to vary a planning permission condition “to allow for 160 HGV movements per day, rising from 80 vehicle movements previously permitted”.

Bucks Free Press:

Binders Industrial Estate

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The original planning condition stated: “The maximum total number of vehicle movements shall not exceed 80 per day (40 in, 40 out).”

It could mean 80 (HGV) trips in, and 80 trips out (160 total) per day, if approved.

It could also replace five part-time jobs with full-time roles.

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“The proposed additional HGV movements…would allow an increase in the total amount of waste being imported to and being treated at the site,” a council document states.

It adds: “Increasing permitted HGV movements to 160 per day will allow the site to treat 30,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) of waste without breaching vehicle movement limits.”

However, “concerns and fears” over highway safety and children accessing Great Kingshill Church of England Combined School have been raised – but the Highways Authority “does not consider the proposal would cause a highways safety concern”.

“Speeding vehicles”, and “disruption and danger” from other drivers were also raised.

“The roads are inadequate for these large vehicles,” said Cllr David Carroll. “It’s in the vicinity of a school and many children walk to school and this could have an adverse effect on their health and wellbeing, alongside the residents.

“Local residents have had to endure substantial noise and the smell for many years and these extra movements will make their lives even more intolerable.”

Hughenden Parish Council also objected.

The matter is due to be discussed during a West Bucks Area Planning Committee, on August 17.

The application is recommended for approval, subject to conditions.

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