Students at Mandeville Upper School in Aylesbury have been in a buoyant mood after they received their A Levels results today [August 10]. 

The 18-year-olds made their way to the Ellen Road establishment knowing that their grades will determine whether or not they go to their university of choice, as well as impacting their college and apprenticeships placements.

The students nervously opened their envelopes, but loud cheers were heard all around the playground, as positive news began to spread.

The school’s headteacher, Matthew Larminie, believes that the day is the combination of hard work from both students and teachers, who have had to adapt in difficult times, which includes planning lessons and revising for exams in three separate lockdowns.

Bucks Free Press: Jessica and Ryan HobbsJessica and Ryan Hobbs

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Speaking to the Bucks Free Press, he said: “It’s been a really positive day for all of our students.

“They have worked incredibly hard over the last two years with all the disruptions, and I have been so impressed with how hard they have worked, and how much effort they have put in.

“I am delighted to see so many happy faces this morning across the board.

“The collective effort from both the staff and students at this difficult time has eventually born through this is great to see.

“I’m very proud of my staff as well as my students in how they have adapted to all the changes that have been going on.”

One of the standout pupils at Mandeville was Peneil Chioco.

Peneil, who was visibly emotional and relieved after getting his grades, was grateful for the support his teachers gave him, despite some ‘challenging’ periods.

The student, who got an A in English Literature, an A in maths and a C in chemistry said: “I feel really good.

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“I thought I did bad, but I did better than I thought.

“It has been a bit challenging, and it took a while to adjust to the online learning but once I got used to it, it was really helpful.

Bucks Free Press: Peneil Chioco speaks to the Bucks Free Press, with Mr Larminie looking onPeneil Chioco speaks to the Bucks Free Press, with Mr Larminie looking on

“The teachers supported me really well, especially during the online period.”

He now hopes to study English Literature at Buckinghamshire New Uni.

Another student who was grateful for the support given to them by their teachers was Isabelle Bear.

Isabelle, who was head girl, did three years of sixth form following a year at Lord Williams School in Thame, and she believes that her teachers have been ‘extraordinary’ over the last 17 months.

She said: “The pressure is off.”

“I am really happy as it has been a really stressful year due to the lockdowns and online teaching.

“I wasn’t really sure where I was meant to be, and I always didn’t feel that I was supported by the Government because the guidance wasn’t necessarily clear on things, but coming in today [August 10], I have opened my results and I’ve got grades which were more than enough that I needed to get into uni.

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“I am really happy about that.

“I couldn’t have asked for better teachers.

“They have been extraordinary.

“Any help I have needed, they have been there as they have broken down how to answer questions for the exams, given us mind maps, and they have been great.”

Isabelle got an A in psychology, a B in biology, and a distinction in forensic science.

She is now preparing to study forensic psychology at university.