Aylesbury’s Olympic twins in Jessica and Jennifer Gadirova have got another reason to celebrate this summer, as the 16-year-olds picked up their GCSE results.

The girls, who won a bronze medal at this year’s games, visited the Aylesbury Vale Academy for the first time in over sixth months to pick up their envelopes to see their grades.

Jennifer and Jessica arrived back at their school in their Olympic tracksuits along with their medals around their neck, as they were met with a round of applause for members of staff and other students who were waiting patiently to see what grades they achieved.

Bucks Free Press: The twins with their results (Steve Parsons/PA)The twins with their results (Steve Parsons/PA)

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It was a positive morning for the twins, as they passed in all their subjects.

On balancing their exam revision and Olympic training, the twins said: “It was quite hard because we did most of our learning for the GCSE exams from home.

“It was a bit hard not having the teachers there, along with the training for the Olympics, but with the support, we got from the school and our coaches, they have really helped.

“Overall, all the teachers have helped us out a lot and have been supportive.

“As we did our school work from home, say we needed something or didn’t understand something, we’d drop an email or a message and they would respond quickly.

“They gave us a lot of resources to help us, which included sending over books to our house, so overall the whole school have been helpful.

“It’s been nice that we have got supportive friends as well, as we haven’t really been in school much recently.

Bucks Free Press: The twins with Alice Kinsella and Amelie Morgan after getting their bronze medals in Tokyo (PA)The twins with Alice Kinsella and Amelie Morgan after getting their bronze medals in Tokyo (PA)

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“They could have forgotten about us, but, it is nice they haven’t and it’s nice that they have been supporting us throughout.”

The twins also revealed that following their success in their GCSEs, which include achieving distinctions in business and health and fitness, the two plan to stay at the Aylesbury Vale Academy to complete their A Levels in sixth form.

They also plan to prepare for the next Olympics, which is in 2024 in Paris.

On achieving their bronze medal in Tokyo, they said: “At the training centre, there are pictures of people who have won medals in the past and we hadn’t seen a woman’s team there.

“So, seeing our names up there with a bronze medal is amazing, along with Amelie Morgan and Alice Kinsella, as we can say we actually did it.

“Sometimes it is harder to be in a team, because if one person messes up, that could ruin everyone else’s opportunity to win so there is more pressure.

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“However, we always said going forward that we didn’t want to put pressure on ourselves and we’re trying to enjoying it.”

They also thanked their coaches, siblings Josh and Mollie Richardson, for their supportive.

The Richardson’s are also from Aylesbury and attended the Mandeville Upper School.

They continued: “Josh and Mollie have been supportive ever since we walked into that gym, without them, our Olympic dreams wouldn’t have happened.”