A woman in Marlow saved a hedgehog that was stuck in a goal post hole in the middle of Gossmore park.

Emma Louise took to social media after rescuing the hedgehog to let residents know of the uncovered hole.

In a video shared with the Bucks Free Press, the hedgehog can be seen being retrieved from the hole with one saying “he is enormous!”.

Watch the video below

Emma Louise said on Facebook: “One of the goal post hole covers is missing and one is broken; I was hoping they could be replaced?

“We rescued a hedgehog that got stuck in one of these holes in Little Marlow just this week so don’t want the same thing to happen again!”

A spokesman for the association of Marlow Amateur Football Clubs replied saying the goal post covers are "continually being vandalised" but they are “aware of the situation and will remedy it” 

In an update, the spokesman confirmed that covers have been ordered and will be placed over the holes by the end of the week.