A little while ago, we ran a story on Wycombe’s lost shops and readers’ memories of their favourites.

From Murrays to Woolworths and BHS to Blockbuster, residents have been getting nostalgic about former High Street favourites – and more so after rumours spread last year claiming Woolies was making a comeback.

One such shop was Chelsea Girl – alongside Dorothy Perkins and Burtons, it was one of the go-to places for clothes in the 1980s.

The store has an interesting history. Started by Bernard Lewis in 1948 with just groceries and wool, it has been through many changes.

It was renamed from Lewis Separates to Chelsea Girl in 1955, becoming one of the UK’s first chain female fashion stores.

Concept Man was added to the portfolio in 1982. River Island was founded in 1988 and a few years later, they both merged into this one company.

Members of the BFP’s We Grew Up in Wycombe Facebook group have been reminiscing about the store.

Kim Russell’s question “Who else loved this shop?” promoted dozens of responses, with Anne Rixon saying: “Yes, loved it, used to go in there as soon as I was earning.”

Kim Boswell added: “Bought a top there with my first wage back in 1971 and spilt nail varnish on it, lol,” while Sue Maguire recalled: “I lived to shop in here, straight round there after my Saturday job, I thought I was so grown up.”

Sally Williams remembered working there in the early 80s, while Barbara White and Susan Gray both said they “loved” the shop.

Sharon Clarke joked: “Communal changing rooms which were so dark you couldn’t tell what colour the clothes were,” and Cherie Alger Mcgrath added: “My favourite store back then.”

Wendy Smith said: “Wow that bought back memories, I loved that shop”, while Janice Adams added: “Me...spent all my pocket money here.”

Lydia Diane Layton also worked at Chelsea Girl, while Joan Mann also branded it “one of my favourites”.

Barbara Wyle remembered spending her wages there and Joanna Cartwright recalled buying her “first fashionable outfit” from the shop.

Collette Bennett said: “One of my favourites! And they did odd sizes as well as even sizes”, while Sheena Watt Waite commented: “Used to get loads of my clothes there.”