A telecoms provider is trying to build a new “staff recreation” block – despite two failed attempts.

5G Communications has submitted to Bucks Council a planning application for Phoenix House, and Park House Business Centre (Units 1 and 2), on Desborough Park Road, in High Wycombe.

Plans outline the ‘construction of a 340 sqm detached building for staff recreation use at Phoenix House, with a linked overflow car park at Park House Business Centre’.

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Two previous applications were both refused, and there was an appeal, according to council documents.

It is understood the scheme may impact existing car parks.

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One objector claimed: “Clearly trying anything to get a building erected and then turn it into homes once built.

“Check recent planning to see they are trying to build houses and flats here, every time they get refused so just trying it on.”

However, a cover letter on behalf of 5G states: “The applicants have decided to retain the office use on the site and now submit their application to improve the staff facilities on the site.

“This application does not seek to increase the office floor area, or increase the number of staff, but merely to provide a new staff recreation building.”

The applicant is now awaiting a decision from Bucks Council.

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