A developer has been slammed for allegedly turning a village plot into a ‘dumping ground’ – “directly in line of sight of a sacred war memorial”.

Mr Potyka, of RAP Building and Developments Ltd, has submitted a (retrospective) ‘change of use’ application for a plot of land at 35 The Green, in Wooburn Green.

Plans detail the ‘conversion of land for external storage’.

Bucks Free Press:

The war memorial

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The change of use started in March 2020, according to council documents.

But parish Cllr Nigel Dibbo branded the scheme “wholly inappropriate”, asking whether the developer had “a vague sense of shame” for ‘dumping so close to a war memorial’.

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“This is a wholly inappropriate use of a plot of land that the developer wishes to develop when he has the opportunity,” he claimed.

“The poor maintenance of the existing site, the excessive height of hoarding and the abandonment of building materials and equipment is a blight on all the properties that surround it and should not be tolerated further.

“I am appalled that a developer can be allowed to dump such a mess within a designated conservation area and directly in line of sight of a sacred war memorial.”

He added: “Do these developers have no standards or even a vague sense of shame?”

“The exact nature of the proposed external storage use is not known at this stage, but…conditions restricting the height and location of the storage use would provide a level of control and mitigation that would reduce the potential impact on neighbouring amenity,” a design and access statement reads.

Adding: “It is not considered that such storage use would have any material or adverse consequences for neighbouring amenity as a result of the nature of the activity.”

The site was historically part of the garden of 35 The Green, which has since been redeveloped to provide seven homes.

The applicant is now awaiting a decision from Bucks Council.

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