I have done something similar to this before but from a considerably earlier guidebook. These are from a late 1970s Town Guide, and some readers will have personal memories of a few of the above.

It was an era when we still had a majority of independently owned retailers, and, in sharp contrast to today, only one coffee shop – the Vienna, at the bottom of the High Street, where you will find the Mowchak Indian Restaurant today.

Also, amazingly, only three boutiques, although that word was rarely used back then.

One of these, advert above, was Oscillation, owned by Annie Moreshead who I last heard of living in Ireland.

Annie was the granddaughter of nationally famous architect Gerard Berkeley-Wills who was responsible for the fascinating “Notes On Old Marlow”.

Marlow Galleries was owned by Lyn Dutton who had a dual career being manager of Humphrey Lyttelton’s Jazz Band and the Spinners folk group. Freddie and Albert’s antique business had moved from former premises Regency House in Chapel Street. They were a couple of real Marlow “characters”.

Alan Coster at 52, High Street was just beginning to realise that smoking was fast becoming a less popular pastime, whilst opposite, and a bit lower down, Henry Jones, behind those nice bay windows, was the place for expensive glassware and gifts.

The family had a horse-drawn coach which they used for publicity purposes and occasional deliveries.

Reeves had taken over the former Angus Wellicome Garage in Station Road. It subsequently became an arcade of various antique dealers but is now Hunts Hardware.

M.W.Keen was the last in a line of photographers and camera shops to occupy 62, High Street, at a time when digital picture-taking mobile phones would have been considered as science fiction. Scott & Smith, Frank Colville and Norman Greville had been the previous cameramen.

Likewise, Ron Bailey’s West Street clock and watch shop had taken over the former Saxby clockmakers who dated back to the 1800s. From other ads in the guide only Burgers remain in business today. I omitted the ad for the record shop as that would have been a bit too personal!

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