Earlier this week, Tom Kerridge hit back on social media over the price of his menu at The Hand and Flowers.

Guy Woodward, the content director of Club Oenologique, compared to the description of The Hand and Flowers on the establishment's website.

The tweet specifically mentioned the £87 price tag for the steak and chips whilst taking aim at the prices.

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The local chef responded by saying "cheap food means cheap labour" with his prices reflect in the way he pays his staff "properly".

Some residents, however, said on Facebook they could still not justify spending that amount of money on dining out.

William Kirkpatrick said: “I don’t care how good the steak and chips are, £87 is out of order.

“Buy the best and BBQ it at home properly and save at least £70.”

Nick Paolozzi added: “The price of a steak is a day's wages for some people, still if he manages to sell the food to people what can you say?”

Amanda Whyte said: “£87 for steak and chips!

“I am just too stingy to pay that sort of money for something I can cook pretty well myself!”

Nigel Busby continued: "Ridiculous prices and completely out of the price range for the majority of people."

Julie Hazell disagreed and said people should “stop moaning” as he is a Michelin-starred chef that looks after his staff and charities.

Stuart Marriott also believed the food was "worth every penny with it being absolutely excellent".

Others though thought that the gastropub was worth only spending the extra money for the special occasion.

Paula-Marie Grose said: “Absolutely worth every penny, it’s a luxury experience for a special occasion.

“Would I go back? Absolutely!”

Caroline Burrus added: “I loved the whole experience as had never been anywhere like that before.

“Had saved up for a long time to go and glad I did, good and service was superb.

“I hope to go back again at some point.”

Margaret Turner said: “I’ve eaten once at the Hand and Flowers for a special occasion.

“I saved for a year for it.

“The experience, food and staff were exemplary and couldn’t be faulted in any way.

“I treated it as a once in a lifetime experience to dine in a Michelin starred restaurant.”

One resident said they couldn’t justify ordering the steak but described eating there as a “treat”.

Emma Cam said on Facebook: “We went for our 40th and 50th and we couldn't justify ordering the steak, and yes it was a lot.

“But it's a lot more than that it's the experience and the extras. I

“I've worked in farming, producing free-range, rare breeds meat and that comes at a cost.

“We supplied restaurants, so I know that meat is rarely ever just cooked.

“Nothing on your plate is 'just cooked' - it's all been through something, often two or three processes.

“The service was beyond anything you'll experience in most places, where normally one person might cover 10 to 15 tables, here there were almost one to two or three tables.

“For us, it was a great treat, but I'd still not order the steak.”

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