Plans for a new drive-thru Costa Coffee shop in Bucks have been branded ‘ludicrous’.

Burnet Estates has submitted to Milton Keynes Council new plans for land at 4 Osier Way, in Olney.

Plans outline the ‘construction of a 1,800-sqft Costa Coffee shop (café) and drive-thru’.

Bucks Free Press:

4 Osier Way

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A new access from Osier Way and 27 parking spaces (two disabled, one electric) are also proposed.

Bucks Free Press:

The new Costa

Bucks Free Press:

Site plans

But several objectors raised concerns.

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“I think the idea of having a drive-thru Costa on that piece of land is absurd,” wrote one.

“I’d be really concerned with the volume of traffic attempting to enter and exit Osier Way, which would make it even more of a nightmare.

“There are many children [who] use the route, obviously to walk to school, [and] having more traffic…will encourage yet more cars parking on pavements.”

“This will cause additional noise on the road and an unwelcome irritant,” wrote another.

“The placement of this coffee shop is ludicrous,” wrote another. “It is already a busy junction trying to enter or leave Osier Way onto the A509.”

The site is currently ‘vacant and undeveloped’, according to a council document.

Up to 15 full-time jobs will result.

Opening hours are still “unknown”.

Planning officers will now decide what becomes of the application.

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