A fed-up High Wycombe resident says a major road through town needs a speed camera installed so it no longer “resembles Santa Pod raceway”.

Cars and motorbikes climb Marlow Hill in the centre of town at “outrageous” speeds, resident Jim Symington told the Bucks Free Press.

It comes amid complaints about speeding cars along the A40 London Road, which runs from High Wycombe through to Loudwater.

Mr Symington said it is not just the A40 that is a problem for vehicles driving too fast, and that Marlow Hill also suffers with speeding and the noise it causes.

He wrote: “Marlow Hill up-side sometimes resembles Santa Pod raceway rather than a trunk road in a restricted area.

“Cars and motorbikes climb the hill at outrageous speeds, with the bikes sometimes doing wheelies. The noise has to be heard to be believed.”

He added that a permanent speed camera should be added along the steep hill again, but in the 40mph section of the road instead of the 30mph part.

He wrote: “Please can we have the speed camera back. When there was one some years ago it was unfairly positioned, in the 30 zone, and was therefore removed.

“The 30 zone has since then been shrunk back, so a camera in the original place would now be in the 40 zone which would be perfectly reasonable.

“And if the camera could incorporate a noise trap, that would be even better.”

There have long been complaints about speeding, reckless driving and anti-social behaviour in High Wycombe.

Drivers highlighted last month a number of problem areas in and around the town.

Talking about the London Road, one reader said: “After 10pm is terrible. Had an idiot overtake five cars at around 50mph at 10.30 tonight.”

Another complained about cars in Rutland Avenue, where on Friday night, three cars were involved in a crash. While the authorities have not suggested speed was a factor, fire crews were called to assist at the scene just after 5pm on September 3.

A woman and a man were out of their cars uninjured before they arrived.

They said: “We have cars racing up and down Rutland Avenue with loud exhausts between 10.15pm and 2am nearly every night."

"Another one is Cressex Road, considering there are schools and an old people's home, it’s a joke,” said another frustrated reader.

Gravelley Way in Penn Bottom, the A416 which runs between Amersham and Berkhamsted and the main roads around Princes Risborough, Widmer End and Holmer Green were also all complained about.