Dozens of bodies found at a Bucks farm ‘with their hands tied behind their backs’ remain a mystery.

Up to '80 skeletons' uncovered during excavations for a planned care home at West End Farm, on Brackley Road, in Buckingham, in 2019, have prompted questions from Cllr Robin Stuchbury.

Other reports reference 42 skeletons, that could date back to Anglo Saxon times.

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Cllr Stuchbury is pressuring council bosses to find out what happened at “this major historic site”, and when.

He is asking what action can be taken by the council to bring this to a “quick resolution”.

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“As you are aware, a number of bodies were uncovered during excavations ahead of work at West End Farm, on Brackley Road, in Buckingham, for a planned care home,” wrote Cllr Stuchbury.

“This included skeletons of 80 bodies with hands tied behind their backs.

“I would be grateful if the cabinet member for planning and regeneration could provide an interim report of the basic analysis of this major historic site, to provide clarification of what took place and in what date period for local residents.”

He added: “I understand that some of the investigations have been halted due to financial issues between the developer and Network Archaeology, which have been ongoing for some considerable time, and, if this is the case, what action can be taken by the council to bring this to a quick resolution?”

Cllr Gareth Williams, deputy leader and cabinet member for planning and regeneration, is expected to respond during a cabinet meeting on September 13.

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