Creepy "spiritual healing", taking advantage of older people and attacking dog walkers - criminals in Bucks have targeted women in shocking ways.

Over the past few weeks, these criminals were locked up for preying on females in the Bucks community.

Take a look at the list below to see their faces and read about their awful crimes.

Derek Thurlbeck

Bucks Free Press:

The so-called spiritual healer was actually peddling nonsense so he could sexually assault women in High Wycombe.

Derek Thurlbeck, 63, of The Pastures, was described as a "master manipulator" at Reading Crown Court, when he was sentenced to two years and six months behind bars on August 16.

The court heard how Thurlbeck sexually assaulted four women in their Slough homes between 2017 and 2019. He would inappropratly touch his victims over their clothes.

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When he was sentenced, a statement from one of his victims, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was read to the court. It said: 

"The incident has affected me emotionally. It has left me with flashbacks. I feel he has invaded a space in my own home.

"If I see a small car like the one he used to drive I get scared he has returned.

“He is very dangerous; he is very clever and a master manipulator.”

Lewis Willett

Bucks Free Press:

This opportunist targetted women in their 60s and 70s in his attempts to steal money.

The 31-year-old, of Pleasant Place in Surrey, was discovered in the kitchen of his first victim, a woman in her 60s who lived in Buckingham.

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When she encountered him in her home on June 3 he told her she needed work doing in her garden, but after he had left she noticed her husband's wallet was missing.

On June 29, he knocked on the door of a woman in her 70s and told her he would carry out building work before entering her property.

The victim gave Willet her debit card, scared that he would returm, and he used it to withdraw £300 from a cash machine.

Willett was jailed for three years for the offences.

Jordan Barrett-Benjamin

Bucks Free Press:

This robber was jailed for two years after he targeted a female dog walker in the middle of the night.

On Septbemter 30, 2020, the 25-year-old, of HMP Bullingdon, was walking near Castlefield, High Wycombe.

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During his walk he went up behind a woman who was walking a dog and they had a short struggle.

Barrett-Benjamin ran off when the woman hit him over the head with her torch. Police later identified the offender using DNA that was on the victim's clothing.

Barrett-Benjamin had denied charges of sexual assault and robbery, but this week, mid-way through his trial, he pleaded guilty to robbery. He was acquitted of the sexual assault charge.

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