Residents have been left furious over the way Marlow Bridge was left after it was shut for a week.

The bridge was shut for roadworks as the controversial bollards needed fixing by Buckinghamshire Council after they were damaged.

However, after the reopening one resident complained about the cement left on the road surface and footpath as well as the storm drains blocked by solid concrete.

The new width restrictions have caused a mixed reaction from residents with some questioning if they are the best way to stop overweight vehicles from using the bridge.

The same resident also said in the time it took him to walk across the bridge he saw four overweight vehicles cross.

There are nine bollards on the bridge which had width restrictors installed in mid-February.

The distance between the bollards on the bridge were reduced to prevent HGVs from crossing the bridge

Cars have been seen going through the bollards at crawling pace causing backlogs of traffic.

The historic bridge has seen its share of drama throughout the years, with HGVs repeatedly exceeding its three-tonne weight limit.

In 2016, it was closed for several months after a 37-tonne lorry went over it and caused significant damage to the structure, and in 2018, an investigation found “clear evidence” that vehicles heavier than the three-tonne weight limit frequently use the bridge, sparking fears the beloved landmark could be permanently damaged if drivers continue to flout restrictions.

There have also been calls for Buckinghamshire council to look at the prospect of installing ANPR cameras on the bridge.

Cllr. Steven Broadbent, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: "The staining on the carriageway has come from our bollard reinstatement works during the week commencing August 23 2021.

"We cored into the top of the bollards using wet drilling techniques and this is the run-off from that work. Rainfall will remove this staining.

"The blocked gully which was shown was not caused by our recent work. The gully shows a build-up of detritus which has arisen over time.

"However, Transport for Buckinghamshire will clean out this gully pot in October as part of their extensive gully and drain cleaning programme."