Plans for a taller block of flats on a vacant plot in a Bucks town centre have been thrown out.

Bucks Council refused Mr Kevin Donaldson permission for a planning application relating to land at 4-6 Broad Street (next to the Elgiva roundabout), in Chesham.

Plans detailed the ‘erection of a four-storey block containing ten flats, and boundary railings’.

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Permission was previously granted for a nine-apartment three-storey block.

This has not been implemented but remains extant.

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“It is proposed to add an additional storey to the building to allow for the creation of an additional residential unit,” a decision notice reads.

“The resultant building would appear overly prominent against the context of the adjacent buildings and overly large and bulky in this sensitive town centre.

“This is considered to cause harm to the character of the area.”

Bucks Council refused permission on September 7.

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