Anti-vaxxers have been spotted protesting in South Bucks over the past few days.

There was a demonstration in Beaconsfield old town over the weekend with protestors holding up signs to drivers passing by.

The protestors were asking drivers on London End to honk if they agreed with the signs they were holding on the side of the road.

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A video was shared on social media of the protest by The Awareness Foundation, the organisation that aims to "highlight truths that are hidden in plain sight".

The tweet has over 20,000 views and over 1,000 likes.

One sign read said: "These vaccines are harming our teens."

Another added: "Even killing them."

The same anti-vaccination signs were also left on Heath End Road in Flackwell Heath near the Wycombe campus of the Buckinghamshire College Group.


Anti-vaccination protestors have been spotted in South Bucks

Anti-vaccination protestors have been spotted in South Bucks

The signs read "Can we trust the media?", "Or do the media push the agenda?" and "Why vaccinate teens?".

The college declined to comment when they were approached about the anti-vaccination signs.

Last week, graffiti reading “no unsafe jabs for kids” was left on an unused shop in Amersham and “know the side effects” was spray-painted on the wall under the railway bridge.

The council said they are aware of the graffiti and are working with the property owners to arrange its removal.