Mum-of-three Sarah Goodwin was left shocked as police turned up at her house after they received reports of vandalism to find her children playing hopscotch with chalk.

The police apparently told Sarah, 48, that her children chalking games such hopscotch and 'What Time is it Mr Wolf' onto the road could be considered criminal damage - but took no further action.

Sarah believes that a spiteful neighbour reported her two daughters, Lyra, 6 and Freya, 13 and son Eli, 9 to police for the alleged "graffiti".

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The single, mum who has lived in Milton Keynes for 11 years, slammed the move as "pathetic" and said it was another turn in an ongoing rift with the nearby resident, who she didn't want to name.

Sarah said: "It's boiled my blood.

"You don't like me - that's fine, but you're hurting the children.

"The neighbourhood police said the latest complaint was graffiti and I said 'what, you mean hopscotching on the floor?' "If my kids were writing rude words or rude drawings I would understand.

"They were playing on the floor and drawing around themselves. It's innocent, absolutely innocent."

"I just want to make the point of how silly this is. It's sad, really sad."

The markings that were reported as vandalism (Image from SWNS)

The markings that were reported as vandalism (Image from SWNS)

Sarah has since shared her ordeal on a local mum's Facebook page, where she's received over 4,000 comments which most of which she says support her.

Sarah, a former teacher, added that her kids often chalk the road with other children from nearby houses and that she often watches them play.

She believes that the police report was part of a long-standing rivalry with a neighbour, who has kids of their own.

She said: "We should be on that programme 'Nightmare Neighbours'. The complaint is retaliation - if it's who I think it is.

"It's one of many attempts to get back at me and my children.

"They would happily drop me under a bus. It's not just a one-off but I found this so pathetic."