A road network in Bucks is set for upgrade “in the coming months” – as locals recall “scary” moments being cut up by other drivers.

Bucks Council has won a £500,000 Traffic Signals Maintenance Grant which it will use to “enhance” traffic signals around Aylesbury Gyratory.

But one driver said the road markings were a problem for people unfamiliar with the network, adding they had jumped on their brakes “several times” as a result.

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“If you’re not familiar with the road markings in Aylesbury, the amount of times people cut from the left (A413) lane to the centre (Walton Street) lane is quite scary,” they said.

“People think they can go right when they can’t, and I’ve had to slam on my brakes several times.”

Bucks Free Press:

Aylesbury Gyratory

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The gyratory upgrade includes ‘new street furniture, control equipment, and pedestrian and vehicle sensors’.

All pedestrian crossings will be puffin.

Two new control systems will adapt traffic signal timings to traffic flows, making signals work more efficiently to reduce congestion and “improved control of the junction during incidents on the network”.

It will also attempt to minimise delays by changing lights more frequently on clear roads.

“I’m pleased to say that we have just secured a half-million-pound funding from the Department for Transport to enhance and deliver the maintenance of the signalisation around the Aylesbury Gyratory,” said cabinet member for transport, Cllr Steven Broadbent.

“That means, in the coming months, we can then put some improvements in along that area which will clearly help improve the fabric of the network and make some improvements to traffic flows, I hope.

“That was the full amount of the award we were able to bid for and we are one of a few councils to successfully achieve that. I think people in and around Aylesbury will be pleased to hear that.”

The Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS) asked Cllr Broadbent to confirm when the works would begin, and for how long.

“We are currently working on producing a programme of works but the budget needs to be spent by the end of March 2023, so we will be working to that,” he said.

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