Local charity, Save Marlow’s Greenbelt is looking to protect footpaths that residents have been using for years.

The paths around Little Marlow Lakes Country Park are popular routes for dog walking, running and angling but are not officially registered on the green belt.

An online survey has been launched with the charity urging anyone that uses the paths between the railway line, the A404 and the A4155 to complete it.

The information from the survey will be submitted to Buckinghamshire Council as the charity look to safeguard the footpaths in the area.

Frank Schoofs, leader of the campaign for Save Marlow’s Greenbelt, said: “Many people have been using local paths for years without realising that they are not officially registered.

"That means access to them is not guaranteed and they might disappear overnight.

"We have all benefited from access to nature in our local countryside during the lockdowns, so we must ensure that future generations can too.”