A duo from Marlow is preparing to row the Atlantic ocean and if they are successful will become to oldest pair to row any ocean.

Guy Rigby will be 68 and David Murray will be 56 when they depart in December from the Canaries for the mammoth 3,000 trip to Antigua.

After entering the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge the pair found out that according to the Ocean Rowing Society their combined age of 124 years will beat the previous record by eleven months.

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David’s father, Richard was a close friend with Guy but sadly he lost his long battle with cancer in 2018 and the two have continued to stay in touch since.

Following a chance telephone call between the two Guy shared his idea to row across the Atlantic and David jumped at the chance and planning swiftly started.

The pair will row two hours on and two hours off around the clock for the duration of the crossing with the theory being that two hours is long enough to accommodate a 90-minute sleep cycle whilst maintaining a good pace.

No water can be taken on board so seawater will have to be desalinated whilst packets of freeze-dried food alongside snacks like nuts and protein bars will be the only nutrition the pair will have with a special Turkey flavour prepared for Christmas day.

The boat named Lily has two, very small, watertight sleeping enclosures and is designed to self-right in the event of a capsize which is expected to happen multiple times during the row.

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David has a background in extreme sports having completed six Ironman events and in 2016 was in the top five percent in his age group in the world.

He has also run several ultra-marathons and completed the Mallorca 312 bike race, which involves cycling 190 miles around the hilliest part of Mallorca.

David said: “Whilst we are the oldest pair we bring a sense of maturity.

"The amount of times we have raced where young lads come up to us and say I’m going to beat you but experience always wins through.

“They may be fitter than me but they go off at a million miles an hour and it’s the tortoise and the hare thing.

“Whereas we know we will finish in good shape because we're prepared and we will pace it using our experience.”

Around £420,000 has been raised so far with all the money being donated to UnLtd, a foundation for social entrepreneurs, whose aim is to develop a generation of social leaders.

Both Guy and David have worked in or with entrepreneurial businesses for many years and both believe the power of entrepreneurship has a huge part it plays in supporting communities.

Guy said: “I have spent my life working with entrepreneurs.

“I have watched businesses transform themselves and their communities and I have seen people recruit loads of employees and if you do that in a deprived you are making a real difference so it felt like a good fit.”