Plans for a new block of flats have been withdrawn – as objectors feared loss of light, privacy, and parking. 

Mr Imad Ali has retracted a planning application for 2-6 Coningsby Road, High Wycombe.

Plans outlined the ‘demolition of three existing dwellings and the construction of 12 two-bed and six one-bed flats’ – 18 in total – ‘within a single apartment block’.

A new vehicle access, steps, and 27 parking spaces were also proposed.

Bucks Free Press: Several objections to the scheme were raised.

“I am concerned what impact this will have on privacy and light for all neighbouring properties,” one wrote.

Another wrote: “The area is already overpopulated with new flats, and parking has exceeded what we are already able to manage.

“The new flats will overlook gardens and therefore lessen privacy even more. Noise levels…will rise.

“We find the idea of this proposal extremely upsetting, and absolutely object.”

“I write formally to acknowledge this application has been withdrawn,” a decision notice reads.

The application was withdrawn on September 13, having been received in May 2020.