Traffic along a lane in Bucks is “getting worse” – after recent claims truckers are treating it like ‘their own lorry park’.

Bucks Council has been hit with claims Willets Lane in Denham is becoming a dumping ground and that vehicles are obscuring views around corners – soon after a member of the public complained use of the road by HGVs had ramped up in the past two years.

They also previously alleged truckers are using the verge as a toilet, that they block an entire lane, and that potholes had got worse.

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Bucks Free Press: In a video recently posted on social media, a member of the public showed tyres and other debris discarded on Willets Lane, and several parked vehicles, including two coaches “on a blind bend”.

In the video, the person said: “Look at this, coaches parked on a f***ing blind bend.”

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Bucks Free Press: “It’s getting worse,” they tweeted at the council. “The coaches are parked on a blind bend before Hollybush Lane.”

In response, Bucks Council tweeted: “Buckinghamshire Council only have authority to enforce parking where restrictions, usually yellow lines, are in place.

“Any dangerous or obstructive parking is a police matter. If you would like to request parking restrictions, you can contact your councillor.”

“OK, what about all the dumped rubbish and spilt oil drums and potholes?” the person replied.

Bucks Council did not respond.

Bucks Free Press:

Earlier examples in July of traffic parked on the lane 

Cllr Steve Broadbent said: “At present, we’re unable to take enforcement action against HGVs parked in Willets Lane in Denham, as there are no parking restrictions on the lane. However, residents can raise requests for new parking restrictions by going to

“We’ve also arranged for our Highways Team to inspect the road for any defects that meet our intervention levels in line with our Highways Safety Inspection Policy.

“In terms of obstruction and anti-social behaviour on Willets Lane, these would be matters for Thames Valley Police, who can be contacted by calling 101 or by going online to”

He added: "As the video in the tweet shows, it's not easy to arrange clearance of the rubbish on Willetts Lane in a safe manner due to the parked vehicles and the lack of a verge.

"As such, Traffic Management will need to be booked in to allow for collection to be made safely. This process can take 2-4 weeks, but once the Traffic Management is granted, clearance will then take place.

"In the meantime, we will clear rubbish from areas which are safe for us to do so."

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