The results of the first stage of public engagement, in connection with the plans for a proposed new film and television studio on the former landfill site next to the A404 at the Westhorpe junction, have been published.

The nine events and exhibitions which ran locally across July, organised by independent company Soundings, aimed to gather feedback from residents of Marlow and Little Marlow about the proposed film studios and the issues important to them.

The feedback will help inform the design process which will lead to the submission of a formal planning application early next year.

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All stages of the public engagement and their results will be documented in the Statement of Community Involvement which will accompany the planning application, as well as being available to view here.

What the film studio could look like

What the film studio could look like

Robert Laycock, director of Dido Property Ltd. said: “We have been encouraged by the positive engagement of residents and businesses, to the concept of bringing a world-class film studio here. We have listened intently to what people have said in this first stage of the programme,”

“From the various events in and around Marlow, and from the questionnaires and surveys, we have started the process of building a deeper structured understanding of the community and its relationship to our site, how people see the aims and aspirations of the project, and what the most important design considerations need to be for our architects and master-planners.

“As the process continues throughout the autumn, we aim to bring forward a design which takes on board the results of our comprehensive public engagement process.”

“Whilst there is clearly a lot of positivity around the plans for the studio complex, we also heard that those living and working locally will need certain reassurances about the project, particularly in connection with its design principles.

Steve McAdam managing director of Soundings said: “How the scheme can work without adding to any difficulties, for example through traffic solutions, together with a sensitivity to both ecology and sustainability is key.

“The project team are committed to ensuring that this process is as robust as possible to ensure this happens.”


The Marlow Studio Project could be built on the A404 at Westhorpe Junction

The Marlow Studio Project could be built on the A404 at Westhorpe Junction


Stage Two of Soundings’ engagement programme will begin in Marlow and Little Marlow later in the autumn and full details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Five key themes emerged from the initial discussions, exhibitions and events, which have been summarised within a report that is available online:

• Much of the community expressed excitement at the potential benefit the film studios could bring to Marlow’s economy as well as the wider Buckinghamshire region.

• The community expressed pride in the natural landscape that surrounds them, whether it be the beauty of the River Thames, the idyllic walks through the countryside or the thriving and diverse wildlife of the area.

• Many discussed the importance of the design of the studios.

• Residents clearly value sustainability, especially in the face of climate change and global warming and would like this project to uphold sustainable design principles.

• Traffic, access, and congestion were key topics and comments were particularly raised around the transport network and the road infrastructure surrounding the site