A girls’ school in High Wycombe is set for refurbishment – if plans are approved.

Wycombe Abbey School has submitted to Bucks Council plans for a series of upgrades of the Abbey Building.

Plans outline the ‘replacement of some timber wall panelling, the formation of an opening to the adjacent anteroom, and some alterations to a storage and corridor area behind and below the Shelburne Pew’.

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It also details the ‘replacement of some fire doors, the relocation of some honour boards, repairs to ceiling hatchments, new lighting, heating, fire detection and audio-visual systems, and also general redecoration’.

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“Refurbishment and redecoration” will be “of the hall, which forms a later addition to the Grade II Listed Wycombe Abbey,” documents state.

Adding: “The works are restricted to the interior of the hall, known as ‘Big School’.

“The proposals aim to upgrade the quality and functionality of the Big School space, to be carried out alongside previously-consented works to remove asbestos contamination and install a replacement floor.”

The applicant is now awaiting a decision from Bucks Council.

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