POLICE have been out on foot patrols after residents in a Bucks village reported a man cycling naked.

The Winslow neighbourhood team have scoured Whaddon village over the past month following the strange reports.

A Thames Valley Police spokesperson from Aylesbury Vale said: “The Winslow neighbourhood team have been out on foot patrol in and around Whaddon village following reports over the last month that a male has been seen cycling around whilst naked.

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“While there may be an innocent explanation for this behaviour, it has led to some members of the public to become concerned and report it to us.

“If you have any information regarding this then please contact us by calling 999 (if it is in progress) or 101 (if you have information).”

A social media post from the Aylesbury Vale police team received a mixed response.

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One commented: “Thank you TVP Aylesbury Vale Many of us have been very nervous about walking alone in the fields around Whaddon. Relieved to know you are out patrolling.”

However, another said: “Being naked in public is not an offence unless there is the intent to cause alarm. Riding a bike naked is the same as hiking naked in the countryside, doing the garden or even washing the car.”