Residents have reacted to the new electronic advertising board on the Abbey Way flyover in High Wycombe.

The billboard can be seen as you head towards the town centre from the roundabout by Wycombe Hospital and is operational for 24 hours a day.

There has been a mixed reaction from residents but some locals are unsure how some drivers would cope in cities such as London or New York if they think the new billboard in Wycombe is a distraction.

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Ross Brace said: “If a driver gets distracted by one billboard should they really be driving?

“Imagine being in New York.”

Charley Grabczak said: “How is it a dangerous distraction?”

“Do you know how many billboards are in London?”

Syed Assad said: “If that’s distracting you then you shouldn't be driving.

“Advertising boards like this are all over the world.”

One reader even joked about having England’s future football matches broadcasted live on the big screen over the flyover.

Stewart Mason: “When is the first England football match going to be shown?”

However, there are still of a handful of residents who believe the billboard is an unnecessary distraction.

Simon Jack Witney said: “I think it’s only distracting because it’s so out of place.

“I don't like it myself, but I think they should generally advertise things about fire safety and other public service details such as domestic abuse charities.

Kayce Louise Wickes: “Too bright especially at night it blinding and distracting for drivers.”

Andrew Henderson said: “Definitely distracting on a very busy road.”