The most dangerous streets in High Wycombe have been revealed using Thames Valley Police data.

Recently-released crime stats show that 298 crimes were reported in the town in July, a slight decrease on the previous month, when 305 offences were recorded.

The data from has revealed the five streets in High Wycombe where the most crime was recorded. See below for the full list:

5. Crendon Street – nine

Bucks Free Press: Crendon StreetCrendon Street

This town centre street saw a variety of different crimes reported in July, including violence and sexual offences (four), public order (two), criminal damage and arson (one), other theft (one) and theft from a person (one).

Public order offences include offences that a cause fear, alarm or distress, and can often take place before a more serious crime occurs.

‘Other theft’ can include thefts by an employee, blackmail or making off without payment.  


4. Paul’s Row - 10

Bucks Free Press: Paul's RowPaul's Row

This stretch in the town centre is home to a number of pubs and restaurants. In July, reported crimes in Paul’s Row included public order (five), shoplifting (two), violence and sexual offences (two) and criminal damage and arson (one).


3. Corporation Street – 14

Bucks Free Press: Corporation StreetCorporation Street

Also featuring in last month’s top five list, Corporation Street saw an increase in reported criminal activity in July. Offences included public order (six), violence and sexual offences (six), possession of weapons (one) and shoplifting (one).


2. Queen Victoria Road - 15

Bucks Free Press:

Violence and sexual offences (eight) were the most reported crime in Queen Victoria Road in July. Other recorded offences included theft from a person (two), antisocial behaviour (one), criminal damage and arson (one), other theft (one), public order (one) and robbery (one).

Antisocial behaviour offences include personal, environmental and nuisance antisocial behaviour.


1. Church Square - 19

Bucks Free Press:

Home to multiple pubs and bars, Church Square takes the unwanted crown as the town’s most dangerous street in July.

Reported crimes included violence and sexual offences (11), public order (four), drugs (two), possession of weapons (one) and theft from a person (one).

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