A Marlow-based author has announced the release of her new book, the Perfect Neighbour.

Susanna Beard's latest psychological thriller follows Beth who moves to a new home on a quiet suburban street but she finds that most perfect neighbours hide the most terrible secrets.

This is Susanna's third book in less than twelve months and her fifth overall.

The local author said: “I don’t write my stories that quickly, but circumstances last year helped me.

"I was out of contract with my publisher when Covid hit, and I had three books in various stages of completion at the time.

"So I worked really hard and finished all of them during the first lockdown.

"Then in the summer I was lucky enough to find a publisher who wanted them all.”

Joffe Books took over the rights for Susanna’s first two books, re-releasing them earlier this year as What Happened that Night and The Girl on the Beach.

They joined new titles The Perfect Life and The Lost Brother, with September’s release making the fifth book written by Susanna.

All are stand-alone stories, though Susanna says she may consider a series in the future. “I’ve already got ideas for the next two or three novels,” she says. “So the series will be a while yet.”