JAMES Bond's latest film premiered earlier this week with Daniel Craig giving his last farewell in the movie.

And if you're a 007 fan and looking for your next staycation in the UK, then why not stay in the location of Goldfinger’s infamous golf scene.

The stunning seven-bed country retreat only 4 miles away from Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire is available for you to stay in and live like James Bond.

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LastMinute-Cottages.co.uk, part of the Snaptrip Group, has picked out the property following the latest film premier of No time to Die.

The gorgeous Beaconsfield home also appears in In Tomorrow Never Dies where Pierce Brosnan faces off with the evil Dr. Kaufman.

The property is ideal for large families and friend groups, featuring a colonial farmhouse dining table, lavish lounge with fireplace, and rentable hot tub.

You can unwind and relax and perhaps drink a martini or two for two nights in January costing £2,660.