Demands to improve crossing safety on a road with ‘heavy traffic’ have been levelled at the council.

Campaigners have asked that Bucks Council install measures “to improve the safety” of getting across Amersham Road (A355) near the junction of Ronald Road, in Beaconsfield.

They claim the current situation is “not secure enough”, posing a risk to pedestrians and cyclists.

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They also say a zebra crossing and/or traffic lights in that area will improve access to a footpath leading to Seer Green, adding the area is “hazardous” for children and household animals like dogs and cats. 

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“We the undersigned petition the council to create a zebra crossing and/or traffic lights to improve the safety of crossing Amersham Road near the junction of Ronald Road and Amersham Road and the access to the footpath leading to Seer Green,” the petitioners wrote.

“The existing pedestrian refuge is not secure enough because traffic is heavy on Amersham Road and pedestrians and cyclists can get stuck between two lines of traffic.

“The crossing has not been improved to accommodate the increased foot traffic resulting from the upgrading of the footpath towards Seer Green.”

They added: “The crossing is particularly hazardous with children or pets.”

The petition ends on October 29.

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