The council has been accused of wasting money on putting up an "unnecessary" fence around their offices in High Wycombe.

A metal fence has been erected to stop members of the public cutting through a hedge from Abbey Way, through the council office grounds, and then out onto Queen Victoria Road - a well-used route to the town centre.

The move has upset some residents, with one accusing Buckinghamshire Council of wasting taxpayers' cash on the fence.

Justin Newns told the Bucks Free Press: "For years I have always used common footpaths cutting through the council offices in High Wycombe, especially after walking around the Rye Park.

"Today I was unable to so, as a fence has been installed blocking all access. Surely, the council has far more important projects to spend tax payers money on than an unnecessary fence?"

Cllr John Chilver said the council has decided to put up the fence because of a string of incidents of bad behaviour within the office grounds and accused members of the public of damaging the hedge by forcing their way through it as a cut-through to the town.

Cllr Chilver, the cabinet member for finance, resources, property and assets, said: "We chose to install the fence as, unfortunately, members of the public have forced their way through the hedge and damaged it. We've also had several incidents of antisocial behaviour within the office grounds.

"It's worth noting that the new fence only means that people have to walk an additional 20 metres to go over the bridge and follow the designated route to The Rye."