Two local archaeology societies have joined together to form the Marlow Archaeology Group.

Archaeology in Marlow and Marlow Archaeological Society have proud histories of investigating the early history of the Marlow area but have made the decision to combine their resources.

The new group has a winter programme of talks arranged with the next to discuss the subject of ‘What did the Romans ever do for Bourne End’.

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The first chairman, Peter Borrows, said: “With our combined strengths we can champion archaeology in the community better.

“We shall be able to tackle more demanding projects and continue to make membership attractive”.

Previously, the groups have helped with the excavation of the Marlow Warlord, charting local Iron Age hillforts, searching for Alfred the Great’s elusive defence against the Danes and mapping the WW1 trenches on Marlow Common.

Some members were involved with the recent University of Reading led investigation at Cookham.

The investigation successfully searched for evidence of the nationally important 7th Century Anglo-Saxon royal minster known to have been nearby.