A sports reporter and television presenter has called out “racial discrimination and sexual harassment” she experienced at a Marlow pub with a friend on Saturday night.

Beth Fisher, a former Wales international athlete who is now a sports reporter with ITV, shared details of an upsetting experience she had in the unnamed pub in Marlow while she was trying to enjoy her evening with her best friend.

The pair were reportedly persistently harassed and touched inappropriately by another man in the pub - and Beth has used her Twitter platform to urge everyone to call out such behaviour because it is “happening bloody everywhere”.

Explaining what happened to the friends, Beth wrote to her 15,000 followers: “I went to the bar to order drinks. I got asked by a man where I was from. Fine right? But he then stroked my back but I played it off. He made a joke which I ‘laughed’ at......longing him to just go away.


“He then asked my best friend ‘where are you from?’ She answered ‘Wales’.

“Him: ‘No where are you actually from ORIGINALLY’. My [best friend’s] heritage is Welsh Indian in case you’re wondering like him.

“I told him straight that you cannot ask someone that. His response? He touched her nose and said ‘You’ve got nice eyes’. He then touched her thigh in a creepy way, we laughed it off nervously and he went away.

“Some time passed by and he asked whether him and his friend could join our table. We responded firmly ‘no thanks, we’re catching up’. He persistently asked what we meant by ‘catching up’.

“I asked him firmly again to leave us alone which he told me to ‘SHUT UP’.

“He said ‘do you know who I am?’. I obviously replied no. He said he was the queen’s plumber to which I replied that I didn’t care and could he leave us alone.

“I asked the bar staff to intervene which they eventually did.”

Beth also shared a video clip she recorded towards the end of the incident when a staff member had now got involved, adding: “It went 0-100 when I persistently said no.

“He clearly asks the manager not to touch him but he touched us at least half a dozen times???? The manager of the bar didn’t chuck him out but just called his behaviour ‘peculiar’.

“It wasn’t ‘peculiar’ it was racial discrimination and sexual harassment in a bloody pub at 6.30 pm!!!!!

“Please can EVERYONE do better at calling out and dealing with this type of behaviour because it’s happening bloody everywhere.”

The incident was branded “disgusting” by horrified Twitter users. One said: “Totally unacceptable behaviour. The bar manager should have asked him to leave.”

Another said: “That is just not acceptable. Good for you for standing up to him.”

A third added: “This whole thread makes me feel actually sick.”

It’s not clear if the incident has been reported to Thames Valley Police, but the Bucks Free Press has contacted them for further details and other enquiries have also been made as we continue to investigate.