Drivers have slammed roadworks in High Wycombe causing mile-and-a-half tailbacks as “ridiculous”.

Temporary traffic lights in several areas are causing “an absolute nightmare” for people trying to get to and from work, it has been claimed.

Road event data website shows several works underway, including temporary lights due to carriageway repairs at the A40 West Wycombe Road junction with Plomer Hill, gas works on New Road, ongoing works on Heath End Road, and more on Chairborough Road and Hughenden Avenue.

Others reported works elsewhere too.

Bucks Free Press:

Works around Wycombe 

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Some drivers took aim at Transport for Bucks (TfB), claiming the town had been ‘gridlocked’.

While others reported ‘unmanned emergency works’, with long tailbacks taking ages to clear causing them to be late for work.

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Bucks Free Press: “Temporary traffic lights on Cressex Road, New Road, West Wycombe Road and Hughenden Road – thanks WDC,” said one.

“Terriers a nightmare, too,” said someone else.

“And Heath End Road/Abbey Barn Lane,” said another.

“Stuck in that, it was an absolute nightmare,” said another driver.

“Roads now under the responsibility of TfB…maybe that’s half the problem?” said another.

“They’re just making sure it makes Wycombe a gridlock before they install permanent lights,” said someone else.

“Emergency works that don’t seem to have any sense of urgency on them,” said another driver. “As in, lights set up and no one doing any work.”

“It’s just frustrating,” said one driver of Plomer Hill. “It took about 35 minutes this morning to drive a distance which normally takes just a few minutes, at most.

“I was late for work as a result.

“Where cars might be queuing six or seven-deep along the A4010 from the Spar garage on a normal day, they were queued all the way back to West Wycombe past the bridge – and it was barely moving.

“I hope it all gets sorted soon because this morning (Oct 12) was just ridiculous.”

Another said: “There was a lot of cars queuing towards Wycombe from Aylesbury on Friday.

“There’s nothing you can do, it’s one long road and there’s nowhere to pull off.”

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