A man accused of rounding up “reinforcements” to murder a 22-year-old has admitted he was “scared” when his victim challenged him to a “one on one” fight.

Nasim Khan, 24, has been accused of being the “organiser” of the death of 22-year-old Amir Shafique after he was stabbed to death in a large brawl in the Edinburgh Playing Fields in Aylesbury on October 28, 2020.

Today (Tuesday), Reading Crown Court heard how Khan was “scared and worried” after Mr Shafique challenged him to a “one v one” fist fight after Khan had accused him of being a snitch.



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Seven men and one 17-year-old boy have been charged with murder and conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm in connection with Mr Shafique's death. All of the defendants deny the charges against them.

The defendants are Nasim Khan, 24, of no fixed address; Mohammed Wasim, 20, of Thrasher Road, Aylesbury; Charlie Irwin, 22, of Radnor End, Aylesbury; Bradley Shoult, 21, of Chalgrove Walk, Aylesbury; Bertie Turvey, 22, of Henry Road, Aylesbury; Hamza Mousa, 21, of Cotterill Lane, Birmingham and Ishmael Shah, 23, of Cotterill Lane, Birmingham. The 17-year-old boy cannot be named for legal reasons.

Khan, who was accused of being the “organiser” of Mr Shafique’s death by the prosecution, took to the witness stand this morning to give evidence.

Khan told the court how his dispute with Mr Shafique began when he accused two of Mr Shafique’s friends of “rolling with snitches.” Khan said he had made this comment to “p*ss them off” after they had smashed his car following an argument.



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The court heard how there were rumours that Mr Shafique was a snitch after he gave a statement in another case where his own brother had been stabbed.

Following his comment, Mr Shafique called Khan on October 28, the day of his death. Recalling the conversation, Khan said: “Amir said ‘I heard you’ve been going around calling me a snitch’.

“I said yes, that’s true, and it’s not just me saying it.

“Amir said ‘it’s my life and my business’ and ‘keep out.’

“He said ‘I want to sort it out one v one.’ I said that’s fine and said the time and place.”

When Hossein Zaheer QC, Khan’s barrister, asked what a “one v one” would involve, Khan said: “It’s a straightener, a fist fight. No weapons, just the two of us.

“It would resolve the issue forever, whatever the issue is.”

When Mr Zaheer asked how Khan felt following this call, Khan said: “I felt a bit scared and worried.”

The jury then heard how following this call with Mr Shafique, Khan spoke with his cousin Ishmael Shah, and his friends Charlie Irwin and Wasim Khan, asking them to come with him to the fight and “back him.”

The prosecution alleges that Shah also brought “reinforcements” from Birmingham to the fight, which was arranged to take place in the car park near the pavilion in Edinburgh Playing Fields at 8.30pm.

The court also heard how Mr Shafique brought a friend to the fight to "back him."

Following the fight, police found several weapons linked to the scene, including a knife, two baseball bats and CS gas, which is similar to tear gas.

Mr Shafique’s side had also been armed with baseball bats and a BB gun.

The court had heard previously how Mr Shafique died from multiple stab wounds which he suffered that evening.

The trial continues.