A cigarette bin has been installed on Marlow High Street to discourage smokers from throwing their buts on the ground.

Earlier this year, hundreds of chalk circles appeared on the ground in Marlow leaving some shoppers scratching their heads.

The chalk circles were drawn around dumped cigarette butts along with phrases like "find a bin", "what a mess" and "cigarettes take up to 10 years to decompose" in a bid to raise awareness about the problem.

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Last month, a petition was launched by the Marlow Wombles to install a number of cigarette bins in the town with a chalk message reading "please bin your butt" sparking the campaign to be launched.

The council has now put in a cigarette bin between the benches in the High Street with it being used as a trial for the next six weeks.

Smokers can stub their cigarettes out on top and safely dispose of the stubs in the bin, which takes ordinary litter as well.

If it is deemed a success the council has confirmed more will be installed.

Deputy Mayor, Jocelyn Towns said: “We hope to see a decrease in butts on the ground in the town centre.

"Smokers often say they don’t want to put their cigarette butts in the bin in case they set fire to it, so this bin has been designed to solve that problem.”