Parents have expressed outrage after children were allegedly handed “disgusting propaganda” about coronavirus vaccination outside a school.

Pupils leaving Amersham School on October 11 were allegedly targeted with leaflets questioning the jab, sparking a furious debate on social media.

One read, ‘taking the #clotshot won’t save your granny’, while the other said, ‘why would you inject an mRNA jab, still on trial until 2023?’.

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Several people were shocked that children had been approached “the day before their scheduled jab”, adding “under no circumstances” should this happen.

While some claimed their children had been ‘accosted and harassed’ by someone ‘chasing them up the street’.

Some commenters however, questioned the role of ‘government and media’ in jab messaging.

One mother-of-two called the leafleteers “pathetic”, claiming she would ‘out’ them on social media if she caught them doing it.

Bucks Free Press:

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Bucks Free Press:

The leaflets allegedly handed to pupils 

“Shame on the people handing these leaflets to children on their way home from Amersham School today. Pathetic,” she wrote.

“If I see you, I’ll be taking your photo, uploading it to all social media platforms and asking why, as an adult, you feel it’s appropriate to be approaching 11-year-old children you don’t know.

“Your leaflet has been placed exactly where it deserves to be – in the bin.

“Parents and children can make up their minds – as a family – about whether to have the jab without your busybody interference.”

Another parent claimed their 17-year-old daughter had been “accosted” outside the school, but that she “took great pleasure in telling [them] she was double-jabbed”.

While another claimed: “My daughter came home saying she ‘had been harassed’ by [someone] chasing her up the street saying, ‘it won’t harm you to take a piece of paper’.”

“I am fuming on your behalf,” another person added. “If someone did that to my children, I’d be waiting outside the school to talk to them.”

“Under no circumstances should strangers be approaching children outside schools or anywhere else,” wrote someone else.

“Disgusting propaganda,” another person wrote. “My children and I are perfectly capable of reading the facts and making a decision without someone trying to scare them into a decision one way or the other.”

Bucks Free Press:

Amersham School

Another person however, presented a different view: “You guys are really more worried about your children receiving a pamphlet than an experimental injection with no long-term studies?”

They also questioned whether ‘government and media’ had “been trying to scare us into taking the jab”.

Yet another person wrote: “Would you say the same if they were handing out leaflets supporting the vaccination of teenagers?”

One response by headteacher Mrs Sharon Jarrett read: “We trust our students and parents to make up their minds with regard to having the vaccination or not. No child should feel harassed when either coming to school or leaving school – in my opinion.”

Mrs Jarrett later added: “My comment on social media was to placate our parents as tension was very high.

“I am a great believer in people making informed choices about all aspects of life, including whether or not to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

“However, I maintain that it is not appropriate to target children as they leave school, when their parents are not present to support them or to discuss the information being shared.  I had a number of distressed students and subsequently distressed parents.

“In my opinion, I do not feel that the handing out of anti-vax leaflets to children, the day before their scheduled jab, is a sensible or kind thing to do. I trust my children and their parents in making an informed choice.”

The mother-of-two added: “Hopefully the community’s reaction to the post will deter others from targeting children with a leaflet campaign in the future.”

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