The police were called to Sir William Borlase this morning after anti-vaxxers were seen "harassing" children and "arguing" with teachers.

As pupils entered the Marlow school this morning they were met with leaflets that discouraged people from getting the coronavirus vaccination.

One parent, whose son suffers from autism, said the protesters were shouting at her son and his friends that "the Covid-19 jab causes autism" and "would paralyse them."

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The police have said no offences have been identified and no issues or arrested were made.

The Marlow parent told Bucks Free Press: "There were loads of anti-vaxxers outside Sir William Borlase today and police had to be called.

"They were harassing kids shouting the covid jab causes autism.

"Many kids are really shaken from this.

"They were also saying the Covid-19 jab would paralyse them.

"The Borlase parents WhatsApp was blowing up they were there so long.

"They were also arguing with teachers saying the injections are poison."

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Earlier this week, schoolchildren were allegedly handed “disgusting propaganda” about coronavirus vaccination outside Amersham School on October 11.

One read, ‘taking the #clotshot won’t save your granny’, while the other said, ‘why would you inject an mRNA jab, still on trial until 2023?’.

There have also been reports online about anti-vaxxers turning up outside Beaconsfield Secondary School this morning too.

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: "I can confirm that officers did attend Sir William Borlase school in Marlow this morning (October 14) to reports that there were people handing out leaflets to those entering the school.

"Those who were handing out the leaflets then left.

"No offences have been identified and there were no issues or arrests."

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