A bike thief who took stole cycles from the Eden Centre in High Wycombe has been locked away.

Andre Gibson, 20, has been put behind bars for 12 weeks after going on a short bike-lifting spree in September.

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On September 10, Gibson stole a bike worth £260 at the Eden Centre. Just over a week later, on September 19, he stole another bicycle worth £150 from nearby Denmark Street.

Shortly before he started stealing this stint of bike thefts, Gibson, of Gayhurst Road in High Wycombe, also stole an electric scooter worth £1,300 from Micklefield Road on August 31.

Gibson’s crime spree came to an end quickly after that, and he was brought before the justices at Wycombe Magistrates’ Court on October 5, pleaded guilty to three counts of theft.

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The magistrates decided to give Gibson a four-week jail term for each of the three charges due to significant “like offending” in the past.

The three prison sentences will run consecutively, meaning he will serve 12 weeks behind bars.

Gibson has also been ordered to pay £855 in compensation.

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