A Bucks physiotherapist and her friends have been thrown a lifeline as they prepare for an epic rowing challenge across the Atlantic Ocean.

Jen Cullom, 32, from Marlow, will be skipper and medical lead to a team taking part in the 3000-mile Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge setting sail in December.

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With their search for support hard-hit by the pandemic, the foursome is thrilled to have won support from breakfast manufacturer Mornflake, one of the oldest companies in the country, founded in 1675.

Now the adventure-seekers are pressing on with their final weeks of training with an ambitious goal in mind – to be the first all-female team past the finish line in one of the world’s toughest rowing challenges.

Jen, a physio with England and GB hockey team, is helping her team-mates prepare for what she admits will be an ‘incredible feat of endurance and resilience’ battling the physical and mental extremes of more than 40 days out on the open ocean.


Jen Cullom, seen right, and her seafaring team mates

Jen Cullom, seen right, and her seafaring team mates


Joining her are London-based landscape architect Emily Woodason and corporate investigator Janette Potgieter and Cornwall kayaking and wilderness expedition guide Erin Bastian

Jen said: “Even getting to the start line has required a Herculean effort of preparation, fundraising and of course physical training.

"Searching for sponsorship in the current economic climate has of course been hard.

"We tried over 100 companies so were thrilled when Mornflake agreed to be headline partner making our dreams a reality.

“Not only is their heritage wonderfully British and steeped in history, the family owners have long championed healthy lifestyles and are true champions of sustainability.

“Their mill is powered by a wind turbine and they believe there is no excuse for waste. They recycle and reuse everything they can and any by-product of their oats is used as feed for local livestock.

"We love that their values match ours and are excited to have them on our team.”

Bucks Free Press: Jen CullomJen Cullom

The incredible story of Mornflake spans 15 generations of the Lea family who began milling oats in rural South Cheshire more than 340 years ago.

Today its porridge, muesli and granola products are enjoyed worldwide including the Caribbean island of Antigua where coincidentally, One Ocean Crew will end their epic journey early next year.

Jen added: “To power our transatlantic row, rowing two hours on, two hours off, 24 hours a day for more than 40 days, we need some serious fuel.

"Consuming more than 4000 calories a day, breakfast is a key meal for us. Mornflake Superfast porridge oats are the ultimate fuel to give us steady energy.

“These Mighty Oats have been powering us over the waves throughout our training rows and will be coming on the boat to help us across the Atlantic.

"We will begin each day with a Mornflake breakfast pre-prepared in sealed vacuum packs.

"Facing sleep deprivation and 20ft high waves, we will need this energy and resilience in bucket loads.”

The friends, who met virtually during the first lockdown, are passionate about ocean protection.

They have chosen the Sea Ranger Service as their official charity and have a JustGiving page.

After the race, they will sell their ‘eco-boat’ to boost funds for the cause which is dedicated to restoring ocean biodiversity while training young people for a maritime career.

Mornflake Managing Director James Lea said: “We are delighted our oat products are helping One Ocean Crew train for their mission and will be their staple food source on the row.

"It’s an incredibly brave and commendable effort to raise awareness of ocean protection and encourage people to live more sustainably.

“It’s important to us to us to work side by side with Mother Nature and keep the world the way it should be. So One Ocean Crew, we salute you. We will proudly chart your progress on the voyage.”

One Ocean Crew set sail from the Canary Island, La Gomera, on December 12 and their progress will be charted by Mornflake on social media.